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A strategic problem solver who analyzes, evaluates, and quantifies risk. Actuaries have a highly specialized multidisciplinary skillset which includes applied math, statistics, finance, economics, and computer programming among other disciplines. They work collaboratively with individuals, institutions, and systems to make practical decisions, especially when there is a high degree of underlying uncertainty. Determining the cost of an insurance policy, the valuation of an entity in a merger/acquisition and the financial viability of a social system are a few scenarios where actuaries add value.

Actuaries are most commonly employed by insurance companies and consulting firms with insurance and risk management practices, but they also work in several other domains such as the public sector, utilities, and the energy sector. 

Our definition of a quant professional is broader than the classical quant you might think of on Wall Street who builds financial models and simulates financial instrument payoffs for investment bankers.

For us, a quant professional is someone who spends more than 50% of their working time in a spreadsheet, dashboard, or script editor.  

This definition incorporates professionals across several domains: actuarial science, risk management, analytics, engineering, information technology, accountants, financial analysts and product managers among others.


Target Audience: General Professionals

  • Personal stories with high impact teachable lessons
  • Summarized insights focused on expanding the domains in which actuaries operate
  • Career experiences that shine a light on corporate culture  
  • Personal stories that highlight opportunities for data analytics to improve customer experience


Target Audience: College Students, Early Career Quant Professionals

  • Q&A – direct answers to your questions through Instagram story
  • Live – interviews with interesting and informative industry experts
  • Memes – contextual humour for those who need a laugh
  • Reflections – personal development lessons from Dominic’s experience
  • Reels – light videos for encouragement and entertainment
  • Tip of the Week – industry-specific guidance
  • Insurance – relevant technical discussions for a firm foundation
  • Analytics – guidance to translate data into business value 
  • Careers – skills-based insights to increase your market value
  • Book Review – theme-specific book discussions
  • Spotlight – community achievement celebrations
  • Creative – practical insights from the content creation process


Target Audience: General Quant Professionals

  • Presentations, interviews, and other speaking recordings 


Target Audience: General Quant Professionals

  • Personal thoughts on impact and value through the lens of an actuary


Target Audience: High School and College Students, Early Career Quant Professionals

  • Light videos that speak to the experience of being a numbers person and creator 
  • Educational short videos (coming soon)


Target Audience: General Quant Professionals

  • Actuarial poetry