Granular insights on how to tap into the vast capabilities within the media ecosystem.

The Other Side of the Bridge

Let’s talk about media.

Perhaps you might ask, “What business does an actuary have talking about media?” Fair question. Hear me out.

When we talk about media, you might be tempted to think of how legacy media has been cynically used for decades as an instrument of destruction by news organizations and several propaganda outlets.

Or how social media is misused daily to showcase lifestyles that are at best, fictional and at worst, delusional.

Yet, if we disentangle the medium itself from the desire of some to use it for their own selfish intentions, the potential for good is quite remarkable.

What happens when media is used responsibly?

Here are five reasons why I believe that media is the key to improving name recognition of actuaries within the public domain:

  • Production is practical 

Gone are the days when you needed a full-service production studio to create content. We all have access to a production studio in the palm of our hands through smartphones and mobile production apps. Once you have the appetite to learn, you have the ability to create content. Production costs are no longer prohibitive.

  • Platforms are democratized

In the days of legacy media (print, radio, billboards, and television), only people with large amounts of capital who dictated the narrative or individuals with the highest name identification (celebrities, politicians, etc.) had a voice. Today, we all have access to multiple platforms through the web, social media, and mobile apps. 

  • Creative capabilities are versatile

The modern media ecosystem is flexible and diverse. We all have the ability to create content in a form that best matches our audience and intentions: short form text, long form video, etc. We can then communicate, collaborate, and share on a variety of platforms: social networking sites, blogs, review sites, and content communities among others.

  • Mediums are global 

The modern media ecosystem breaks down both geographical and thought barriers that previously existed. We all have the ability to interact and exchange ideas with people across the globe who have different perspectives on different issues.

  • Distribution is exponential (no pun intended) 

Through social media platforms, with diligence, consistency and the occasional stroke of luck, your ideas can travel far and wide through various engagement capabilities that amplify distribution: liking, sharing, and commenting to name a few.  

Put these five together and you have a powerful vehicle to introduce actuaries to the world. With name recognition, opportunities to add value and have impact will likely follow.

As I stand on one side of the bridge between obscurity and relevance for the actuarial profession, I see a new frontier on the horizon where actuaries are no longer in the shadows. 

If we as actuaries embrace the power of media, who knows what awaits us on the other side on the bridge?

Media is the primary tool I have chosen to navigate the journey of showing actuaries what the possibilities are for our profession.

You are welcome to join me on this journey to the other side of the bridge if you so choose.

The journey to unlock the power of the actuarial brand continues.

© 2022 Dominic Lee